Vanessa Soulavy



My name is Vanessa Soulavy. I am an active triathlete since 2007 and I have qualified four times for the Ironman 70.3 World Championships and looking forward to qualifying in 2019!
My background in soccer–as a member of the Venezuelan National team in 2003–, running marathons, and competitive speed in-line skating, has helped me build up my endurance skills and maturity, allowing me to stay competitive in the triathlon world. Being as involved in the athletic world, I became an IRONMAN Certified Triathlon Coach and founder of the 101 Training Team in 2015–a team that is based in Miami but welcomes athletes from all over the world.

Usually, I train 6 days a week, mostly twice a day. One early morning running or biking session, and swimming, gym or yoga sessions later in the day. Long training sessions are left for weekends: either four hours bike rides on Saturdays; and Brick Sessions–biking and running–or a long run on Sundays. I also enjoy Kitesurfing during the weekends, making it an awesome crosstraining option!

For me, and for anyone involved in any endurance training, recovery meals are critical. To be able to grab a protein bar or drink after a hard workout is key to maintaining a healthy body, allowing you to be prepared for the next workout—waiting too long to refuel will only lead to exhaustion, sickness or injury. And you will not be ready for your next training session.

I discovered Powerful Foods thanks to a friend who mentioned them during a bike ride. My favorite Powerful product is the Vanilla Maple protein drink–it is just delicious! It feels like a reward after working out, and its 20g of protein make it the perfect recovery meal. Powerful Yogurts are also delicious and a very good snack to always have around. Athletes, and anyone leading an active lifestyle, simply need more of everything! And it’s great to have such nutritious snacking options.

My killer weekend would start with an early training session where everything goes as planned and my body responds as expected to the challenge ahead, followed by a windy afternoon with some Kitesurfing, leading into an amazing sunset on the water. Next day…Repeat!