Vanessa Soulavy



My name is Vanessa Soulavy. I am an active triathlete since 2007, I have participated twice in the Ironman 70.3 World Championships, and looking forward to qualifying for 2016. With a background in Soccer (Venezuelan National team in 2003), marathons and competitive speed in line skating before triathlon. All of those sports have built up my endurance skills and maturity to be able to stay competitive in the triathlon world.

I train 6 days a week, usually twice a day…one early session in the morning on the bike or running, and one second session of swimming or gym or Yoga at the end of the day, Long training sessions are left for the weekends, which implies a 4 hour bike ride on Saturday and a Brick session (bike+run) or a long run on Sunday. I usually Kitesurf as well on the weekends and consider it an awesome crosstraining!

Recovery meals are critical for any endurance training, to grab a protein bar o drink just after finishing a hard workout is key to maintaining a healthy body, and lets you be prepared for the next workout, if you wait too long after a workout to give something back to your body it will repay you with exhaustion, sickness or injury, you will just not be ready for you next session.

I discovered Powerful Yogurt products through a friend who mentioned them on a bike ride.

My favorite PY product flavor is Vanilla maple protein drink, it is just delicious! It’s like a reward after my workout and with 20g of protein it’s just the perfect recovery meal. The yogurts are delicious and a very good snack to have around. Athletes and active people just need more of everything! and it’s great to find all that nutrition in a delicious snack.

My killer weekend would be early morning training session were everything goes as planned and your body responds perfectly to the challenge ahead and an afternoon full of wind and Kitesurfing until the sun goes down with an amazing sunset on the water. Next day…. Repeat!