Reilly Cline

Track/Cross Country Athlete, Creator of FitMomMeals


My name is Reilly Cline, I am 24 years old (25 in November) and I am currently a stay at home mom to my sweet 12 month old! I have always been involved in track/cross country. I ran track and cross country in college for ASU and UCA

I train everyday! Unless I’m hurt or sick. 3 days a week I go for long runs, the other 3 days I work arms, abs, or legs. Sundays I like to go for long relaxing walks

My dietary advice is to just eat healthy!! That is what will help you reach your goals! Not fad diets!

I first tried powerful yogurt when I found it in Walmart.

What I LOVE about Powerful Yogurt products are that the ingredients are real! The products aren’t loaded with chemicals

My favorite PY product right now? I love the chocolate shake!

My idea of a killer weekend, since it’s fall, I would love to go hiking/camping and enjoy all the leaves changing colors.