Paul Ten Haken

OCR Athlete


My name is Paul Ten Haken. I am a dad, husband, and serves as the president of Click Rain, an Inc. 5000 digital marketing firm in Sioux Falls, SD. In addition to my passion for entrepreneurship, I am also an accomplished obstacle course racing competitor and participate in events across the country. The crowning jewel of my 2014 racing schedule was completing the Spartan Ultra Beast – a 30+ mile, 50+ obstacle, 15,000+ foot elevation change course in the Green Mountains of Vermont. In October 2015, I’ll again tackle the Spartan Ultra Beast in Lake Tahoe, NV in addition to a variety of other OCR events and Spartan Races across the country. Thus far in 2015, I have achieved a several 30 finishes in the Spartan Elite class and have qualified for both the OCR World Championship and the Warrior Dash World Championships.

I train 7 days a week! I try to sprinkle in a rest day, but it’s hard for me. If I do schedule a rest day, it’s an active rest day walking, biking, tennis, etc. My training regimen is quite varied, but centers around cross training, endurance, and strength training. This can include anything from interval hill runs to free weight work to body-weight circuits. I train an average of 60-90 minutes per day.

My dietary advise is set macronutrient goals and track, baby! Fail to plan and plan to fail. I personally am in the leanest and best shape of my life thanks to smart dietary decisions that revolve around a protein heavy diet plan. Which is why Powerful Yogurt is so rad! Using an app to track all nutrient intake is one of the smartest decisions one can make to help create accountability to achieving fitness goals.

I discovered Powerful Yogurt products on Instagram! Upon further researching Powerful Yogurt, the marketing guy in me fell in love with the awesome brand you have crafted and the athlete in me was instantly excited about the nutrient makeup of the PY product line.

For me, trying to get 225g of protein per day in a 2500 calorie diet is hard. Anytime I can find alternative protein rich products to jerky, whey, tuna, salmon, etc. I am all ears. I love the protein quantities in PY!

My favorite flavor? When you put coconut or maple in anything, there is no way it can be bad.

On a killer weekend I’d be OCR racing! But just as important as the race would be to have my family along with me. When we can experience things like this together and I can show my kids what it’s like to have a healthy and active lifestyle that is exciting to me. When we do travel together, I love to go on a jog to explore my new surroundings….there is no better way to experience a new city than in your running shoes! I just love being with my family on the weekends – church, racing, pools, golf, parks, tennis, and anything outdoors! If the weekend could be topped off with some fresh-from-the-ocean seafood and some Minnesota Vikings football, I am in a happy place.