Flip Aguilera

Personal Trainer, CEO of FLIPAAA & President of Sweat Nation


Flip is the CEO of FlipAAA LLC and President of Sweat Nation.Through movement and motivation Flip has created a training/nutrition, coaching/consultation business that helps clients Find Life In Personal Accountability, Activity & Accomplishments (FLIPAAA). The philosophy behind his program is that once accountability is accepted and activities rise up to those accountabilities, all that’s left will be accomplishments. Flip currently trains clients in the South Florida area as well as long-distance clients via internet. He is also working on the creation of a new nation – Sweat Nation! Sweat Nation will highlight various ways to be active across the country as well as the inspiration that being active has on our collective nation.

I heard of Powerful Yogurt through some clients that I train, until low and behold I ended up training the CEO of Powerful. How’s that for the universe bringing the energy around that you put out?

What I love about the product is that for “skinny” people like me who have to fight to hold onto to muscle powerful yogurt has a nice amount of protein. The taste is not as bitter as other brands out there and I can identify with kicking butt and grabbing life by the “horns” and living a powerful life!

My favorite flavor is a tie between coconut/quinoa and lemon/chia.Depends on which mood my taste buds are in.