Brian Rudy

Amateur Strongman


My name is Brian Rudy, and I’m an Amateur Strongman in the pursuit of my Pro Card. My fitness journey started right before high school when dabbling into bodybuilding. I, just like so many others, have battled body weight issues–and was bullied for it. Until I took control, choosing to make a change.

My feelings served as the fuel needed to bring me to where I am today. However, not only did the difficulties from the past shaped me but also the constant support of my family and friends. It is thanks to my fiancé Kelly, my trainer Billie-Jean, and my son Jaxon Atlas that I can dig deeper than ever to follow my dreams as a Strongman.

With hard work and perseverance, I became New York State Heavyweight Novice Strongman Champion. I was expected to participate in the nationals earlier this year; unfortunately, I tore my bicep in training. This is only a setback, as I plan to be back in the competition by December 2019–having the approval of The Official Strongman Games.

Through the years I’ve learned that doubt and failure may happen–we are human. But, it is even more important to learn to dust yourself off and keep going. After all, everything you need is already inside.