Powerful Bites: The Ultimate Smart Snack

Did you know 94% of Americans snack on a daily basis? Have you stopped to consider why you snack? Is it because of stress? Cravings? Eating habits? Maybe because of all of the above.

With hectic routines and lifestyles, sitting down to have a full meal is, sometimes, an unthinkable option. So, snacking is all we’ve got. But, what we snack on is something we must be aware of and control. There are many convenient, on-the-go, snacks that aren’t really that healthy for us- although they pose as if they were. To avoid this, look for truly smart snacks: ones that are healthy, satiating, and satisfying. Just like the Powerful Bites–the ultimate smart snack.

When Should I Use Them? High protein bites are great to keep energy levels up during long hours at work, to curb your sweet tooth at the office, or even as pre-workout clean fuel. Bites can even be your go-to dessert option when trying to eat clean and stay healthy.

Short List of Ingredients: What else makes them smart? Its short list of ingredients, and the fact that they are all clean ingredients. Powerful Bites are made with peanut butter, coconut oil, unsweetened chocolate (for some of the flavors), or blueberry powder, and no added sugar.







Exercise Portion Control: Even though our Bites are smart, eating all of them in one sitting isn’t very much. Portion control is mandatory, even when being smart about your snacking habits. The perfect bite portion is no more than 5 bites per serving. Having more would qualify as binge eating- it’s hard to resist, we know.

Save your Bites for Later: Indulge with the perfect serving size and save the rest for later. Powerful Bites come in a resealable packaging to be kept at your fridge after curbing your sweet tooth. Keep in mind bites must be refrigerated for optimal consistency and flavor.


Where Can I Find Them? If by now you are desperately craving a peanut butter and chocolate, double chocolate, or blueberry bite–you can also choose all three–go the the store locator feature on powerful.co to find the bites closer to you.

Indulge; curb your sweet cravings; fuel your hectic routines. But, be smart about it. Grab a handful of Powerful Bites every time you need some clean fuel to keep up with your active lifestyle.

Be healthy. Indulge. Eat clean. Eat Powerful.