Born in 2013

The Powerful product line was born out of commitment to create delicious high protein products to fuel an active lifestyle. After trying all of the other products on the market, it was clear that nobody was making great tasting dairy products that were also natural and "clean".

It started with yogurt. In 2013, we became the pioneering company that designed the first dairy product for the needs of active men, making Powerful a headlining story across the globe.

Powerful Foods Yogurt

Powerful Yogurt

After countless rounds of taste testing, we designed Powerful Yogurt to have more protein than any leading brand (21-25 grams per serving), with a 50% larger serving size for better satisfaction. Better yet, it was made with all-natural ingredients – unlike a lot of the high-protein products marketed to active people.

The massive positive response from active women and men alike pushed the brand to fully evolve to an active lifestyles brand in late 2013. It was clear that Powerful had struck a chord with active people across the world, even being named “Best Yogurt” at the 2013 World Dairy Congress in Switzerland.

Powerful Foods Ambassadors

People like you!

Since then, demand from people like you who believe that we should never have to compromise great taste for superior nutrition has grown the Powerful brand into a full product lineup including our signature Powerful Yogurt, Powerful Drink, Powerful Smoothie and Powerful Oatmeal.

Our products are now sold online and in nearly 10,000 grocery and specialty stores in the U.S., Ireland and across the world.

Each product in our Powerful line is high protein, made with natural ingredients, and crafted to be a key component to achieving an active, healthy lifestyle.

So stock up, fuel up and #FindYourInnerAbs. Naturally.